52 Weeks of Wine – Week 22: Mourvèdre (March 23rd-29th 2019)


I’m sorry if this is the 5,000th time you’ve heard me say this, but the March wines for the 52 Weeks of Wine are GSM-themed, which stands for Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. GSM is known for its fruit-forward traits with soft tannins and balanced acidity. So far, we’ve tasted Grenache, Syrah and a sparkling Shiraz. To be honest, I expected each to have some similar traits to the GSM blend, however, it was shocking to me how different the Grenache and Syrah were to the final output of the blend. So, I’ve been holding out to see what the Mourvèdre would bring to the table and tasting this Mourvèdre revealed where the “oomph” of the GSM originates from.

My husband enjoys many red wines but really appreciates full-bodied red wines. There’s only a couple of wines and wine producers that he’ll order by the case – otherwise, he’s interested in a bottle or two. To put it in perspective, when we tasted this Mourvèdre, he immediately said “order a case”. 

I knew from the pour that this was going to explain a lot more about GSM’s than the other two varietals. The color was a deep purple, almost black and completely blocked light from passing through. The smell was all dark berries. And the taste, though jammy, had hints of pepper and smoke with very smooth tannins. This Mourvèdre tasted high end, which isn’t common in the under $15 category, and especially because it retails for $10-15! I gave this wine a 5 cork rating. We will absolutely be looking forward to drinking it more in the future!

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