52 Weeks of Wine – Week 41: Chardonnay (August 3rd – 9th 2019)


Most wine drinkers have an opinion about Chardonnay and that opinion is often polarized. Even within Chardonnay lovers, there are often strong preferences regarding oaked Chardonnay and buttery Chardonnay. So, can you imagine the discussion around canned Chardonnay! 

Surprisingly, this Butter canned Chardonnay from JaM Cellars isn’t so controversial. JaM’s bottled version (fun fact: the wine in the bottle is the SAME wine as in the can) is extremely popular and can be found for $13-17 at most wine shops – even Costco! Sometimes when producers introduce a canned wine, which are typically 250mL or 375mL in volume (1/3 or 1/2 bottle, respectively), they’ll increase the price for the smaller volume. I’m happy to say that this 250mL can is $5.50, so equivalent to $16.50 per bottle. 

As for the tasting experience of this Chardonnay, I chose this particular wine for a reason: it’s pretty mild and predominately displays the most likable Chardonnay traits. I mentioned during the tasting of the canned Malbec that I slightly modify the typical “look, smell, taste, think” order of a wine tasting when I’m tasting a canned wine. Since I can’t really look at the wine from the can, I jump forward to the “smell” and “taste” steps from the can, then I pour it in a glass and do “look, smell, and taste” from the glass. Based on both experiences, I conduct the “think” portion and formulate an opinion. 

This Butter Chardonnay from JaM Cellars has the traditional look of an American Chardonnay: deep straw yellow color, higher viscosity and body in the glass and a higher alcohol level (14.8%). From the can, the prominent buttery traits were evident but completely clear once observed from the glass. When smelling this wine from a glass, notes of cream are also present. As for the taste, it’s really all butter. No oak, just a very smooth, creamy butter. If you’re looking to buy a canned white wine to truly enjoy while at the beach or pool or even from a glass at home, and you appreciate Chardonnays, this is an awesome option. This Chardonnay is unlikely to offend anyone with overwhelming traits but has enough character to make it fun. I’ll definitely be stocking more of these!

I gave this Butter Chardonnay by JaM Cellars a 5 cork rating. This wine typically sells for $13-17 per bottle. If you’re ever in Napa, I highly recommend checking out JaM’s tasting room, they often offer Groupons for tastings!



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