52 Weeks of Wine – Week 45: Picpoul (August 31st – September 6th 2019)


The whole premise behind The 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program and truly the best way to expand your wine palate is to taste more wine. That seems quite easy but it also needs to be a deliberate effort. For optimal results, one should taste only up to a few wines per sitting, not overwhelm ones palate with many different types in a concentrated time frame, take notes on the details of the wine and the tasting experience. Since wine tasting is growing substantially more popular outside of wine production regions, it’s likely that you’ll find a wine tasting venue near your home or in many places that you might vacation. And even better – many establishments recognize that complimentary wine tastings often result in a significant increase of purchases and revenue. Maybe it’s just me but I tend to be more likely to buy a wine that I’ve already tasted and I tend spend a little more money after drinking wine…

Many of the varietals that I have introduced in the 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program were inspired by a tasting at a local wine shop or while visiting a winery. Picpoul (pronounced “peek-pool”) was a varietal that I had only seen on wine lists but not tasted until enjoying a complimentary Friday afternoon wine tasting at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet in Colorado Springs. Their complimentary tasting is offered every Friday and Saturday and typically features a region. The Wine Gallery and Gourmet typically features about eight wines at the tasting and allows each attendee to taste up to four and includes free charcuterie tasting plate for each person. Since starting the 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program, I never go with familiar varietal. I already know that I’ll like the Cab or the Sauv Blanc. I taste the unusual varietals or the blends from regions which I am unfamiliar. So, naturally – when they featured French wines, Picpoul was my choice over a Bordeaux or rosé.

This 2018 La Reine Juliette Picpoul was a very delicate wine comparable to a Muscadet (Muscadet is not to be confused with Muscadelle or Moscato!). The color of this wine was a soft and subtle gold. The Picpoul had very light citrus aroma, white flowers and saltwater notes. The taste was refreshing with lime with substantial minerality. I would describe this wine as having all of the ease and refreshing traits of a Pinot Grigio with far more depth, elegance, and sophistication.

I gave this wine a 5 out of 5 cork rating and it retails for $12-17. 


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