FAQ’s Grape Juice Mom Wine Shipments

What sort of wine shipments does Grape Juice Mom offer?

We have 3 types of shipments:

(1) The 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program Subscription (Traditional and Regional Programs).

(2) Home Wine Tasting Shipments.

(3) Custom Wine Shipments.


Where do you ship and how long does it take to arrive?

We ship everywhere in the Continental United States with the exception of AL, AR, DE, IL, KY, MI, MS, ND, OK, SD, TX and UT. Our wine distributor is not licensed to ship to these states. 

Shipping timelines are dependent on shipment destination. All orders require 3-5 days for processing. Wines ship from NJ and arrival to destination once shipped varies between 2-7 business days. Please understand that shipping timelines may be extended due to the COVID-19 crisis. All customers will receive their wine tracking number (FedEx or UPS) once shipments are in transit.



What if I don’t want a particular wine in the shipment?

The 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program and the At Home Tasting Shipments are fixed shipments and contents may not be altered. However, the Custom Wine Shipment program is perfect for customizing existing boxes or building a shipment based on your wine palate or interest! Feel free to fill out the questionnaire for the Custom Wine Shipment HERE, or respond to the ChatBot with your custom shipment interests! 


What if I don’t like a wine in a shipment?

Purchasers of Grape Juice Mom wine shipments are typically looking to expand their wine palate by tasting new wines. The intent is to keep wine in an affordable category (~$15 or less) so that if you do not enjoy a wine, it is not a huge financial burden. As a small business, we ask that you please embrace this perspective and understand that we strive for our customers to enjoy all wines, but as wine palates significantly vary, we cannot guarantee that you will like each wine. We maximize quality for all wine shipments. If you find that a wine is spoiled, please notify us ASAP and we will happily replace the spoiled bottle. 


What is the price of custom wine shipments?

Custom wine shipments are tailored to the preferences of the customer. Grape Juice Mom specializes in affordable wines (~$15 or less per bottle). Custom Wine Shipments are tailored to your preferred price point and the types and quantity of wines that you prefer! You tell me and I’ll make it happen!


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is via e-mail at jen@grapejuicemom.com. I’m a one-woman-show here, so you’ll never have to go through customer service or wait on hold!



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