Virtual Wine Tasting – 11NOV2018

Jen Pouring Wines
I did a few tastings before I enjoyed the wines with you all just to make sure I was familiar with the different flavors! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

Hi fellow Grape Juice Mom’s!

I had a blast tasting wines with you on Sunday afternoon! 

For everyone who completed a survey, I have e-mailed you your results and included details about the wines below. 

If you are interested in joining me for my 52 Weeks of Wine “Training Plan” – just jump on in and post your results and thoughts with the hashtags #52WeeksOfWine and #GrapeJuiceMom ! 

Additionally, if you are looking for any other wine recommendations for the holidays, or any other occasion (like Wednesday nights), send me a message and I’d love to help!


-Jen, Grape Juice Mom

I included the details and results of the wines below. From the left, Chandon Brut, Decoy by Duckhorn Chardonnay Sonoma County, La Crema Pinot Noir Monterey, Bear Flag Zinfandel, and Miles Madeira Rainwater (this one was unavailable in my area so I tasted this Fanal Madeira).


Wine #1: Chandon Brut, Napa Valley, $17.99

As I discussed last night, this is a great wine for a pre-dinner toast! I wouldn’t recommend it with orange juice for mimosas because it is a quality sparkling wine and you will lose a lot of the great flavors by diluting it. 

Chandon word cloud
This word cloud represents the words used to describe the Chandon Brut – mostly positive! I’m glad you liked it!
chandon pie chart
This is the pie chart of responses for the Chandon Brut. Most people rated it with 4’s and 5’s!


Wine #2: Decoy by Duckhorn Chardonnay, Sonoma County, $16.99

It’s always nice to have a classic balanced-oak Chardonnay for traditional dinners and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This wine wasn’t as well-loved as I had hoped, so I would recommend talking to Chan’s about what they would suggest. I did not want to feature multiple La Crema wines, however they do have an amazing Chardonnay!

chardonnay word cloud
The descriptor words for the Chardonnay were decent, but the scores just didn’t make the mark. Oh well – maybe that means we’ll just have to taste some more!
chardonnay pie chart
This word cloud about the Decoy by Duckhorn Chardonnay shows that it received pretty average scores with only about a quarter of the participants rating it as a 4 or 5.


Wine #3: La Crema Pinot Noir, Monterey, $16.99

I suspected this wine would go over well and it definitely did! I personally think this is THE WINE for a “feast-like” meal. It’s light and fruity and it will not make you feel overly stuffed. I think it’s a very reasonable price point for a special occasion and I hope you’ll pick it up to share with your guests!

pinot noir word cloud
In these word clouds, the most prominent words are displayed largest. So, it is clear – everyone agreed that this is a smooth wine! Not a disappointed word in that cloud!
pinot noir pie chart
About 80% of participants rated the La Crema Pinot Noir, Monterey with either a 4 or 5! I’d say that’s a winner!


Wine #4: Bear Flag Zinfandel, $27.99

Now we’re getting more into some of the specialty wines. Typically, zins are much more full-bodied, fruit-forward and bring in some tanins that are usually either loved or hated! The Bear Flag Zin did well on the ratings. If the price point is a little too steep for you, let me know and I can recommend some other great full-bodied red wines for your enjoyment!

zin word cloud
It’s clear that everyone pulled out all the right notes and descriptor words for the Bear Flag Zinfandel!
zin pie chart
About 75% of participants rated the Bear Flag Zinfandel as a 4 or a 5! I’m so glad you all liked it! It’s one of my favorites!


Wine #5: Miles Madeira Rainwater, $19.99

This Miles Madeira Rainwater had a mix of responses, to say the least! Dessert wines are definitely an acquired taste but are quite traditional around the holidays. If you think you may have a guest that enjoys a dessert wine, this would be a fun one to share as it is more exciting than a port and it’s definitely at an affordable price point. If you do purchase it and share, I’d love to hear your guests response!

madeira word cloud
There’s quite the spectrum of comments on the Madeira! The pie chart makes it clear that it was either loved or hated!
madeira pie chart
As you can see on the pie chart, the results are pretty much split down the middle! And I didn’t realize until afterwards that only 11 people tasted and commented! Come on guys – live life on the edge! Hah!