Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m an Army mom, military wife, and a certified Sommelier who loves affordable and delicious wine. I started Grape Juice Mom to create a community around demystifying wine.

Grape Juice Mom is a place to learn and taste new wines you are sure to enjoy or a place to join me on a journey to discover new wines that may expand your palate.

Let’s talk about the wines you love now and the wine I know you will grow to love.

Wines We are Drinking this Week.

About the 52 Weeks of Wine Club.

I designed the 52 Week of Wine Club so that anyone can start their journey into finding new, unique, and smaller batch wines to enjoy, surprise, and expand their love for wine. Every month, I’ll send you a handpicked wine shipment, carefully chosen, and with an average price of $15-20 per bottle. We will explore together the look, smell, taste, and stories behind some of the best wines in the world.

  • A different wine for every week of the month.
  • Unique palate-pushing varietals.
  • Wine sourced from regions across the globe.
  • 6 wines a month.
  • One wine region each month.
  • Discover the signature wines of production regions across the world.
  • Wine shipments of any size or frequency.
  • Customized to your budget.
  • Consult directly with Jen about your palate.

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