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Hi, I’m Jen! I’m an Army mom, military wife and I love cheap wine. Though I have been fortunate enough to drink some very expensive, wonderful wines, this is my reality: the wine I open on a Wednesday afternoon is less than $15 per bottle. Maybe even less than $10 per bottle. And it tastes good!

And for me, that’s all that matters. Sure, I enjoy observing the color, tannins, acidity, bouquet or the hints of spices. Those are the aspects that form my opinion, but what I care about more is the conversation, company of my friends, and family who I am enjoying wine with.

If you also enjoy a glass (or three) after a long work day, or day home with your kids, or even a start to your Sunday morning, I would love to engage in a simple discussion about affordable wine and our similar lifestyles through this blog.

– Jen, Grape Juice Mom

Jen is an Active Duty Army Officer living in Monterey, CA and currently working as an Operations Research System Analyst. She is a Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 2 Certified Sommelier with Merit. Jen has two daughters (6 and 3 years old). Jen has been blissfully married to her husband, Matt, for 9 years whom she met while they were both Cadets at West Point. 

Why Grape Juice Mom?

Clearly, I’ve gone crazy. I am an active duty officer in grad school for Statistics. I have two children, the youngest only eight months old. My husband just returned home from Afghanistan before our daughter’s birth. But there’s something missing.

My husband and I dream of owning a wine bar. Every time we go on a date or have a few quiet minutes to ourselves when the girls are in bed, we dream of every tiny detail of our wine bar. The location, the interior design, the business model, everything. We know we won’t be able to open our wine bar until we are in retirement and have the capital needed to take on such a venture. But I started to ask myself: why wait? Sure, we can’t open the wine bar now, but why can’t I start on the journey and explore my love of wine? I have brainstormed day in and day out on how I could do that and I have come to this conclusion: Grape Juice Mom.

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