52 Weeks of Wine: Week 2 – Tempranillo (November 3rd-9th 2018)

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In Week Two of the 52 Weeks of Wine “Training Program”, I feature a Tempranillo. Though I was cautious of Spanish wines and was concerned about the “Oak Matured” description, this wine is a great, smooth crowd-pleaser!

To tell the truth, I am a little intimidated by Spanish wines. It goes back to that tendency that I have of staying in my comfort zone – which I my main motivation to get out and try new wines! But when I think of Spanish wines, the first thing that comes to mind is Sangria. I know that is ridiculous, but if you’ve had as many bad Sangria’s as I have, you can relate! So, when a Tempranillo was recommended to me by my favorite wine store, I just told them to add it to the box and did not think much of it….until I got home.

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