52 Weeks of Wine – Week 48: Carmenere (September 21st – 27th 2019)


My husband was raised near wine country and introduced me to wine as a young adult. He’s always had a sophisticated wine palate and can identify quality red wines. He’s not a huge white wine drinker, but there aren’t many red wines that he would turn down. Well, that is, other than Carmenere. 

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The Alcohol Advent Calendar by Grape Juice Mom


For years I’ve seen the viral posts each holiday season featuring the “Top 10 Alcohol Advent Calendars”. I’ve followed the links and found that each option has at least one of many problems – “only shipped within the UK”, pre-filled with cheap products, pre-filled with a type of alcohol that I don’t enjoy, SIGNIFICANTLY over-priced, insane shipping fees – these are many of the problems that I have had with alcohol advent calendars in the past.

To counter these sub-par adult advent calendar options, I present to you (sound the trumpets)…The Grape Juice Mom Customizable Holiday Advent Calendar! I designed this advent calendar to hold mini liquor bottles but decorated the calendar in a way that it could be used for plenty of non-alcoholic surprises (I’ve listed several items below that include My Little Ponies, Hot Wheels cars, Marvel characters, pet toys, money, dog treats). The Grape Juice Mom Customizable Holiday Advent Calendar is filled by the customer. So, YOU get to pick the contents!

I couldn’t be more excited to provide the advent calendar through Amazon. I’ve worked with some remarkable people (to include fellow Female Veteran-owned businesses) who, without their support, this genuinely would not be possible. Some AWESOME attributes to this advent calendar include:

  • Made in the Good ‘Ole US of A! (I couldn’t be prouder of this statement). 
  • Brought to you by Grape Juice Mom, a Female Veteran-owned business.
  • A portion of the proceeds of the Grape Juice Mom Customizable Holiday Advent Calendar are donated to charities benefiting our U.S. Veterans.


Alcohol options for filling your advent calendar can be purchased through Drizly! Drizly offers 1-hour alcohol delivery to many locations and mail delivery to many more! I’ve found that if you search within the “Liquor” category and filter by 50mL size or smaller, there’s an INSANE selection of mini liquor bottles that will fit my advent calendar! By following this affiliated Drizly link, you’ll receive $5 off your first order of $20 or more: //drizly.sjv.io/c/1970649/572428/9425


I kept the design of the Grape Juice Mom Customizable Holiday Advent Calendar more generic because I wanted the ability to fill the calendar with items that were not alcohol related. I’ve listed some of my favorite ideas below!

52 Weeks of Wine – Week 47: Sylvaner (September 14th – 20th 2019)


Even as I learn more about wines, I’m still guilty of making assumptions about a varietal based on the sound of the name. The Italian and French varietals innately sound romantic, whereas the Eastern European-originating varietals project a strong and intimidating image in my mind. Zweigelt, Veltliner, Blaufrankisch….none of those are very approachable names in my opinion. So, when I came across Sylvaner, I again approached with caution.

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