A Blind Wine Tasting of Four Cabs

blind wine tasting cabernet sauvignon
I recently conducted a blind tasting of four Cabernet Sauvignons. Which one do you think had the highest ratings?

Even before starting Grape Juice Mom, I’ve been fascinated by blind tastings. I like it because (1) it requires a lot of focus to identify why you may or may not like a wine and (2) all those snooty wine drinkers can’t see the label and brag about how “phenomenal” a wine is. Since I wouldn’t be doing this blind tasting with any snooty wine drinkers (because I try not to drink wine with people like that anyway), it would be fun to have a completely unbiased tasting and learn a little more about my preferences. 

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52 Weeks of Wine – Week 7: Grüner Veltliner (December 8th-14th 2018)

gruner veltliner white wine 52 weeks of wine
This Grüner Veltliner will be my go-to this Holiday Season for contributing to parties and giving as gifts! If you like Sauvignon Blanc, you really need to give Grüner Veltliner a try!

When I hear Grüner Veltliner, I’m a little bit intimidated. That sounds like a beast of a wine! Am I about to get by butt kicked? Should I be wearing Lederhosen while I drink this? Is a wine glass appropriate or do I need a boot? Okay…I’ll cut myself off there.

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52 Weeks of Wine – Week 6: Madeira (December 1st-7th 2018)

madeira dessert wine 52 weeks of wine grape juice mom wine tasting recommendations
Tasting this Madeira Rainwater this week was a fantastic experience! I have found that I have had so much development in my wine palate since starting the 52 Weeks of Wine and I now have an appreciation for dessert wines!

I’ve never been one to consider myself a “dessert wine” drinker. I have a hard time enjoying sweeter wines because I have difficulty getting past that initial sweetness shock. As soon as sweet wines hit my palate, I feel like I can’t even taste the attributes because I am overwhelmed by the sugars.

However, this 52 Weeks of Wine palate training has been incredible! I knew my palate would grow by tasting new varietals, but I didn’t expect growth this early. I’m telling you – the aromas, flavors and subtleties that I can identify in wines is blowing my mind, and we’re only six weeks in! Now, I’m finding that I have quite a new perspective on wines that I had historically avoided – even sweet wines.

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A Virtual Wine Tasting Party

wine tasting virtual holiday prep
Amy and Beth’s “Holiday Prep” party was a great success! For the wine tasting portion, I was able to interact with the guests and receive feedback as we progressed through the tasting.

Two years ago the Army moved us from Fort Bragg, NC to Colorado Springs, CO. Though it was a bittersweet move, my group of friends from North Carolina have been exceptional at keeping in touch and up to date on each others lives. A couple weeks ago, my friend Beth, who we met through our “hoodrat” friends in our neighborhood, reached out to me to discuss the idea of a virtual wine tasting party. I was ecstatic! How fun would that be?

Initially, most people are confused by this idea of a virtual wine tasting party. Don’t worry – we ACTUALLY drank wine! Beth is a Rodan and Fields consultant and was hosting an event with her friend and fellow consultant, Amy (If you’re looking for an R+F Consultant, please let me know and I will put you in touch!). They thought it might be fun to include a wine tasting as part of the party. I thought it was a great idea, though I knew it could be a slight logistical challenge.

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