52 Weeks of Wine – Week 5: Gewürztraminer (November 24th-30th 2018)

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Unfortunately, the Gewürztraminer was not all I hoped for in a wine, however it will be worth trying again paired with a spicy Asian dish!

Gewürztraminer. I usually just mumble that word through my teeth very quickly in hopes that no one will question what I’m saying. Our neighbors have advised me to think of “girls are meaner” with the pronunciation, but apparently the ACTUAL pronunciation is “Gertz-Tra-Meener”. You can say it however you like.

The Gewürztraminer grape has a naturally high sugar content and is traditionally grown in the colder climates of Germany and France. Though I did not experience it with this particular wine, it is not uncommon for Gewürztraminers to have fine bubbles. Due to its typical sweetness, it typically pairs well with a spicy Asian dish – which I would be interested in trying!

I honestly have to say, I am very concerned about this review. If the followers of German wine are anything like German beer, I may be shunned and stabbed in a back alley for criticizing this varietal. But here it goes: I didn’t love it. I couldn’t get over the perfume and floral notes – they were just too overpowering for my taste. Have you ever gotten perfume or hairspray in your mouth while you’re applying it? If so, you probably just gained an immediate understanding of what I’m talking about. The consistency is also extremely thick, almost like a syrup.

So, to discuss the technical experience of the tasting: the look is beautiful, almost a golden color that clings to the glass due to its viscosity. I took the photos in front of my fireplace that that the golden glow would truly show through. The smell is of a strong floral perfume. I was hopeful that the smell would be complimented by a differing taste, but the taste is also strongly floral. My thoughts are that the floral notes were too overpowering for my taste. Though I do believe that it may be a different experience by pairing with a spicy Asian dish and I would be willing to try it again in that setting. I bought this wine at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet for $10 as part of their 6 bottles for $60 deal.

Well, there it is. I hope others have a grand appreciation for this wine or are willing to share different (or similar) experiences. I WILL be trying it again in another setting, however I might need a couple weeks to recover!


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