52 Weeks of Wine – Week 8: Petit Verdot (December 15th-21st 2018)

52 weeks of wine petit verdot burner wine
This week I tasted a Petit Verdot and I was happy with the results! I’ll be buying it again despite categorizing it as a “burner” wine! Read below to better understand that description!

A lot of people ask me about my “burner” wines but I have been hesitant to put information out there at risk of insulting a wine producer or blender. Here’s the deal: there are wines that are phenomenal, sometimes more expensive, that you drink first before you get a buzz because you really want to enjoy and take in every aspect of the wine. Then, there are burner wines. These wines are those that you drink after the really good wines because they just don’t offer as many attributes as the starter wine and your taste buds won’t notice much of a difference. I’m not suggesting that burner wines are bad, they’re just not usually the one you want to start off with if you’re having friends over! My burner wines are usually exceptionally affordable (ideally under $10). Burner wines are typically more of my go-to mid-week wine if I want a glass but I don’t want to open a nicer bottle.

Okay, so obviously I am introducing the concept of burner wines for a reason. This Petit Verdot was a burner wine. But don’t get me wrong – it was a good wine – it just wasn’t exceptional! I would buy it again.

Now, I don’t want you to be disappointed by this rating because I feel confident that Petit Verdot, just as any other varietal, has amazing potential. This wine in particular had a great, deep, nearly-black color with a great ruby jewel. The aroma was extra earthy with hints of tobacco and dirt. I’m gaining a love for these smells! I would describe the taste as light, earthy and peppery with hints of leather, licorice and subtle dark berries.

So there you have it! I’m coming clean on my burner wines. It is no insult to the wine maker – I would buy this wine again! It just didn’t knock my socks off! But hey- it’s affordable!

I purchased this wine at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet on Black Friday for $5. The Wine Gallery and Gourmet offers dozens of wines for $10 as part of their 6 for $60 deal and has free wine and cheese tastings on Fridays and Saturdays! If you’re a Colorado Springs local, get over there now!

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