The Grape Juice Mom 2019 Gift Guide for the Wine Lover on Your List

Happy Holidays friends! So you have a wine lover on your list…well, I’ve got some gift ideas for you! Every idea on this list is “Grape Juice Mom” validated as a great product and a great gift idea for those wino’s, so get to scrolling!

1. The Brumate Winesulator Gift Set, $81.

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The Brumate Winesulator Gift Set is back at the top of the list because it’s truly an incredible gift. This is typically my “go-to” gift for the holidays. Now that all my close family and friends have received one, they’re getting all of Brumate’s new accessories! They have a new “Margtini” glass, gifts for Bourbon lovers, all of it! Key features of the Winesulator include: the Winesulator itself holds a full bottle of wine, the two glasses included in the set hold 1/2 bottle of wine each (also includes lids to the glasses), and they’re very resistant to destruction. Don’t buy the knock-off cheapo’s that you’ll find on Amazon. This gift is quality! If you use this link, newly registered e-mail addresses receive 15% off your first purchase which stacks with other coupons! 

2. The Original Grain Women’s Luxury Wood Watch in Wine Soaked Oak, $189.


I’m obsessed with Original Grain’s products – they give a really unique look to a watch at an affordable price point. I love the “Wine Soaked Oak” coloring with the classic features. The oak is reclaimed wine barrel wood and the band is genuine leather. Other color options are also available!


3. Wine Enthusiast’s Fusion Stemware, starting at $39.95.

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It’s the “unbreakable wine glass”! Spoiler alert: it breaks just like any other wine glass! But the best part, Wine Enthusiast replaces them for free for 10 years after purchase. You’re probably thinking, “what’s the catch?” No catch! I’ve had my entire set replaced 3 times and am about to cash in the warranty again! They’re gorgeous glasses and at that price point, they’re gold!


4. The Grape Juice Mom 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program, starting at $75/month. 

The 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program.png

In December 2018, I started a wine shipment program that was focused on developing your wine palate. Shipments arrived monthly and included four different wine varietals. The concept behind the 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program is that if you try a different varietal of wine each week of the year, you’ll see substantial growth in your wine palate and increase your education around wine. Well this year, I’m expanding it to wine production regions! Subscribers receive 4-6 bottles of wine monthly depending on subscription selections, which includes FREE shipping and wine tasting notes! Check it out HERE!


5. The Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener, $23.50.

bottle opener.jpg

The newest trend in wine bottle openers are “air openers”. The needle goes through the cork and uses air pressure to expel the cork. This is a fun gift for someone on your list who’s willing to be open minded on wine bottle opening. Many hardcore wino’s will insist on a more traditional opening method, but this one’s just fun!


6. All of the White Elephant and Stocking-Stuffer fun, starting at $7.99.

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When you’re looking for a few cost-effective gadgets for stocking stuffing or White Elephant Gift Exchanges, check out these below! I personally own each and can attest to the entertainment value!

Drinking Buddies Wine Glass Markers, $15.99.

Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper, $7.99.

Wine Condoms, $13.97. 


Bonus: A Final Shameless Plug for an Alcohol Advent Calendar, $24.99.


This year, I produced an Alcohol Advent Calendar designed to hold mini liquor bottles! It was featured in Men’s Journal, is consistently receiving 5-star reviews, and it’s best features: Made in America, produced by yours truly (a female Veteran-owned small business), and a portion of the proceeds are donated to charities supporting our US Veterans! Buy it on Amazon Prime, HERE!

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