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It’s Spring and a celebratory time of year! Easter is this weekend, Mother’s Day is around the corner, Spring is here, and it’s almost “Rosé All May”! So, our currently social-distanced quarantine status might feel like it’s putting a damper on all of those plans, but I want to offer some ideas for how you can continue to enjoy these events through wine.

Virtual Wine Tastings

Virtual wine tastings can be as formal or informal as you like. They can be an awesome opportunity to vent with some girlfriends or they can be a time to grow your wine knowledge and palate. Check out my post here on “How to Host a Virtual Wine Tasting During Home Quarantine”.

Hiring a guide for your wine tasting is an option (see my options here at Grape Juice Mom Hosts Virtual Guided Wine Tastings). 

Additionally, many wineries are offering discounted or free shipping options along with virtual tasting notes and sessions! www.supportourwineries is an excellent resource for these options!


Expand Your Wine Palate as a Couple

If you’re quarantined alongside your significant other, this is a fantastic opportunity to expand your wine palate together. Wine tasting can be a great educational topic as a couple and will help you understand how each other appreciates wine, which traits each person likes separately, and which wine characteristics that you share a love for! In my opinion, this is best done with a wine tasting guide and on your own schedule. This might be completed in a single setting or over several nights of the week or month!

Here is an example date night tasting guide that I recently provided to a couple who chose to receive my Home Date Night Wine Tasting Box:

Danielle Date Night Shipment


Taste New Wines

This doesn’t have to be a guided experience if you just want to have some unusual wines delivered or you’re willing to brave the elements and head out to a local wine shop! The majority of wine consumers tend to buy wines within their comfort zones. If a wine consumer likes Cabernet Sauvignon, the majority of wine purchases will be Cab Sauv with maybe a bottle or two outside of that style but still within the comfort zone. This tends to limit your wine palate with regards to the types of wines you’re open to. I explain this concept further here on my LinkedIn:

So, unfortunately with the COVID-19 crisis, the wine industry is significantly impacted (as are many other businesses). You can best support the wine industry by ordering directly from wineries. Check out to see which of your favorite wineries are offering discounts on bottles and shipping! 

Another option for getting access to new and unusual wines is my Custom Wine Shipment service. Since the implementation of social distancing, Custom Wine Shipments are the #1 request that I have received through Grape Juice Mom. I have the ability to design wine shipments (from 1-100 bottles) to meet your palate preferences, expose you to wines on the boundaries of your comfort zone, or any wine request that you might have! I am not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company and I source all wines through a licensed wine distributor, so I have no restrictions on which wine producers that I provide!

Request your Custom Wine Order here!

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