Grape Juice Mom’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. A wine pump air pressure bottle opener. I received one of these as a gift for my birthday this year and my life is forever changed. A needle pushes through the cork, the pump forces air into the bottle and the cork is extracted. I recommend this one: Wine Ziz Amazingly Simple Wine Opener with Foil Cutter Gift Set for Wine Lovers.
  2. Brumate wine glasses (and really anything Brumate). I use my Winesulator and Uncork’d glasses multiple times a week. We also use their Growl’r and pint glasses frequently. Their new champagne flutes are gorgeous! Here’s a 15% off coupon for new e-mail registrations:
  3. The Grape Juice Mom Alcohol Holiday Advent Calendar. After this year, everyone’s going to need one of these. Customize with your gift recipients favorite alcohol and you’re sure to make their year quite a bit better!
  4. Wine. Don’t waste your time giving your friends and family something that they may or may not enjoy. They want wine. Whether you’d like for them to enjoy a few months of a wine subscription program (like the 52 Weeks of Wine Training Program) or a single customized wine shipment, I’m your gal! E-mail me at or check out my subscription program here:

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