Why Grape Juice Mom?

Jen McClary Grape Juice Mom working moms military spouses affordable wine
Jen McClary, Grape Juice Mom. Photo by Mandy Penn Photography.

Clearly, I’ve gone crazy. I am an active duty officer in grad school for Statistics. I have two children, the youngest only eight months old. My husband just returned home from Afghanistan before our daughter’s birth. But there’s something missing.

My husband and I dream of owning a wine bar. Every time we go on a date or have a few quiet minutes to ourselves when the girls are in bed, we dream of every tiny detail of our wine bar. The location, the interior design, the business model, everything. We know we won’t be able to open our wine bar until we are in retirement and have the capital needed to take on such a venture. But I started to ask myself: why wait? Sure, we can’t open the wine bar now, but why can’t I start on the journey and explore my love of wine? I have brainstormed day in and day out on how I could do that and I have come to this conclusion: Grape Juice Mom.

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