The Holiday Sanity Saver, by Grape Juice Mom

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The Holiday Sanity Saver by Grape Juice Mom is available at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet. It includes 6 bottles and a beautiful wooden wine crate for a pre-tax total of $90. Photos by Mandy Penn Photography of Colorado Springs.

We have two weeks to prepare for Thanksgiving, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll take all the help you can get to make that day and the days following magical, memorable, and tolerable. Hah! I’m only (partly) kidding about the tolerable part.

When I considered how helpful it would be to pickup a pre-assembled, well-thought-out wine box to entertain my guests for Thanksgiving, I decided that this needed to be done! So, I got together with Amy, the Sommelier from The Wine Gallery and Gourmet, and designed the perfect 6-bottle wine box for the wine lover who enjoys experiencing new and luxurious wine varietals. We call it “The Holiday Sanity Saver.” Below, I highlight the details of each bottle that you will receive in your Holiday Sanity Saver which includes a beautiful wooden wine box.

The Holiday Sanity Saver, $90 (before tax)

Pickup at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet, 5903 Delmonico Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919, (719) 439-9463

Casa de Valor Brut Sparkling Cava

1. Casa de Valor Brut Sparkling Cava. We chose this dry, sparkling Cava for its fruity notes and great versatility for pairing with hors d’oeuvres. This wine will be perfect to kick off your holiday season with mimosas or serve as an excellent pre-dinner toast.


Lambrusco by Grasparossa di Castelvetro

2. This Lambrusco by Grasparossa di Castelvetro will undoubtedly “wow” your guests! A RED sparkling has been one of my Thanksgiving family traditions as it is exciting, elegant, and pairs perfectly with turkey and fixings. I recently shared this Lambrusco before the start of a large wine tasting event in my home and it was a crowd favorite. It is fairly full-bodied for a Lambrusco with only a hint of sweetness. I hope you’ll add it to your Thanksgiving family traditions!


Tokaji Furmint by Evolúció Evolucio

3. Tokaji Furmint by Evolúció. For those who may not be familiar with the Furmint varietal, it is a Hungarian white wine with pear and tropical fruit notes. This is not a sweet white – it has been described as a “Chenin Blanc with attitude.” This wine will pair wonderfully with the poultry and vegetables on your Thanksgiving plate!


Beaujolais Villages  2016 by Louis Jadot

4. This Beaujolais-Villages, 2016 by Louis Jadot has a very special reason for the addition to the Holiday Sanity Saver wine box. While choosing wines for this box, Amy, the Sommelier for The Wine Gallery and Gourmet, informed me of the timely significance that Beaujolais has with Thanksgiving. Every year, the “nouveau Beaujolais” are presented to consumers on the market on the third Thursday of November. Though it is unlikely that the French producers of this Beaujolais value the closeness in time-frame with our “Turkey Day”,  I think we can show our thanks for this beautiful wine by incorporating it with our festive meal.


Auspicion Cabernet Sauvignon California

5. Auspicion Cabernet Sauvignon, California. I was adamant about including this Cab in the Holiday Sanity Saver after a recent wine tasting that I hosted in my home. Among more than twenty guests, this Auspicion Cab was the favorite. It was rated above any other wines in the tasting and was enjoyed by wine palates across the spectrum. I initially mistook this Cab for a blend as it’s full-bodied, fruit-forward nature is so smooth, I was sure that it must be the perfect balance of multiple varietals. I feel certain that your guests will enjoy this wonderful wine!


Fanal Madeira, Full Rich

6. Last, but not least, is this exquisite Fanal Madeira, Full Rich. If you have not yet enjoyed a Madeira, it is a dessert wine, though not to be categorized with a Port wine. The color and body is a bit lighter than a Port, though it maintains the sweetness of an after-dinner drink. It’s amber color is accompanied with aromas of coffee and caramel, which will greatly compliment your post-feast enjoyment of pumpkin and apple pies. I recently learned of Madeira and have been eager to share my excitement with as many wine lovers as I can since I believe it is a little known wine and under represented.


I truly hope that this Holiday Sanity Saver wine box will find its way into your Thanksgiving and that you experience these unique varietals and wines alongside me.

Gobble Gobble! (That “Cheers!” in Turkey speak)


If you are looking for a smaller wine box with more traditional varietals, check out The Tasty Holiday Trio, another wine box that I designed with The Wine Gallery and Gourmet, at a price point of $45 (pre-tax) for 3 classic wines.


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