The Tasty Holiday Trio, by Grape Juice Mom

tasty holiday trio grape juice mom thanksgiving classic traditional wines three wine box
The Tasty Holiday Trio by Grape Juice Mom includes three classic wines and a beautiful wooden wine box for $45 before tax. The Tasty Holiday Trio can be picked up at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet at your convenience. All photos by Mandy Penn Photography of Colorado Springs.

I am sure that you can relate that as a mom, military spouse, active service member, [insert any other title here], you can find your plate awfully full at times. To think that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, my anxiety is escalating as I type since I have done NOTHING to prepare!

If you are a Colorado Springs local and find yourself in the same boat, I have taken one task off of your list: wine. I have collaborated with The Wine Gallery and Gourmet of Colorado Springs to develop a classic and traditional 3-bottle wine box for your Holiday festivities.

The Tasty Holiday Trio includes 3 wonderful wines and a beautiful wooden wine box for a pre-tax cost of $45 and can be picked up at your convenience at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet (5903 Delmonico Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919, (719) 439-9463). Below, I have listed the wines that you will find in the Tasty Holiday Trio as well as a brief description and my thought behind including them in the box.

Wine Gallery- Nov 5_ 2018-10

1. This L’Ostal Cazes Rosé is a French Rosé with a 50% grenache, 50% Syrah blend. It’s slight sweetness is balanced with a tartness and it’s beautiful, almost-violet color will be a classy addition to your Traditional Thanksgiving.


Wine Gallery- Nov 5_ 2018-11

2. This Bortoluzzi, Italian Chardonnay has a perfect balance of oak to satisfy any Chardonnay lover. It’s mellow and smooth nature will undoubtedly pair well with dressing, stuffing, and green bean casserole. This Chardonnay is a traditional pairing for your elegant meal.


Wine Gallery- Nov 5_ 2018-9

3. I recently served this Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir at a wine tasting in my home and it was appreciated by Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon-lovers alike. Though it is a lighter-bodied red wine, it’s balance and depth of flavor were satisfying for many wine palates. Additionally, the lightness of this Pinot Noir will not overwhelm your already full, after-dinner state on Turkey Day.


I wish you a wonderful holiday and hope that you too will enjoy the Tasty Holiday Trio at your dinner table!


If you are looking for a larger, more adventurous wine box for the holidays, I have designed The Holiday Sanity Saver, a six-bottle wine box for $90 (pre-tax), that can also be picked up at The Wine Gallery and Gourmet. Check out it’s contents here!




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